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The Glass Cage

An impulsive little peice... I slopped this one together in 20 to 30 minutes tops, but I rather like it.


Blogger feminine expressions said...

you have such an incredible gift (which is to say you are such an incredible gift). you have so much to give to the world, to give to all of us.

while it is not my nature to push another, in your case i would beg you for more. we love you. we need you. we want you.

please give us as much of your art as you comfortably can give to us.

i would that i could have you hanging in every room in my home.

you are an incredible gift.

4:02 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

enjoyed meeting you last night. hopefully i didn't talk your ear off. i tried the url you gave me but it didn't pull up. yahoo dropped me here. really like your artwork. hope you keep up the success.


11:38 AM  

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